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Why Choose Custom Hearing Protection over Generic?

Hearing protection comes in all manner of different types, single use disposable, foam, rubber, longer term generic plugs, ear bands or over the ear defenders (muffs). Making the right choice can be difficult and in the case of custom appear more expensive.

Generic ear plugs are easy to buy, cheap and readily available but how good they are depends entirely on the fit and this is not easy to achieve; if you don't get the fit you don't get the protection. Fiddling, forcing, contorting the ear to achieve the fit required each time you wear them.

A custom ear plug requires a trained and qualified operative to take a mould of your ears to deliver a tailor made plug for your ears, the fit provides a perfect acoustic seal meaning you get the best possible fit and protection every time they are worn.

A custom ear plug is made using medical grade silicon that is soft, flexible but hard wearing. The material and its finish mean they are very easy to clean and keep the ear free of dirt and infection.

A comfortable ear plug is one that will be worn all the time it is needed not removed after an hour because its uncomfortable or dislodges in the ear reducing the perceived protection.

Ear muffs additionally clamp over the ear and head and are obtrusive, they reduce air flow so the ear doesn't breathe properly leading to sweaty build ups, particularly uncomfortable on warm days or in hot working environments. They also have a tendency to over-protect and remove the wearer's ability to hear what they should hear (horns, sirens, announcements etc.)

A custom ear plug follows the contours of the ear, seldom is a person's ear canal straight or even similar from one to the other, this is why we struggle fitting disposable plugs or even experience a different fit from one ear to the next.

Generic disposable ear plugs are cheap, a few pence each if bought in sufficient quantities, but they are in the main single use which means several pairs a day and every time you're exposed to noise. If you don't change them often enough then dirt build up, their ability to expand/contract all lead to further problems.

Even over the ear defenders at around £10 can appear good value but for these to continue to be effective hygiene kits should be replaced often and service kits used to ensure seals and bands remain in good order.

A set of custom plugs will give between 3-5 years of effective service after which time your ears will have changed shape sufficient for the plugs to no longer offer the fit and protection they did. So whilst the initial purchase price is higher than the alternatives the overall cost is likely to be far less.

With custom there is no one product suits all uses, there are specific products whether you require them for your motor-biking, swimming, sleeping, working, listening to music, shooting and  many other applications all with features designed specifically for that purpose.

Custom plugs can also be adapted to suit the levels of noise you require protecting from so you gain the protection you require, not too much  and not too little. The dangers of over-protecting are often overlooked in favour of ensuring we are protected from noise. Our domain experience means we can ensure you get the correct level of protection you require.

Posted on 25th Jun 2012

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