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Tinnitus WARNING for Motorcyclists

... Read More
Posted on 29th Jan 2015

The ultimate ear plugs - Classic Bike Guide

Up until 2001 I used any earplugs I could get hold of, but then I got a set of these made...... Read More
Posted on 19th Jan 2013

Recommended by Mail Online

Sleep Plug by ultimate hearing protection system £65 for one pair... Read More
Posted on 11th Sep 2012

Hearing Loss and Looking After Your Hearing

In the UK 1 in 6 people have a degree of hearing loss, that equates to about 10 million people.... Read More
Posted on 25th Jun 2012

Why Choose Custom Hearing Protection over Generic?

Hearing protection comes in all manner of different types, single use disposable, foam, rubber,... Read More
Posted on 25th Jun 2012


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