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Industrial Protection

Ear defenders are important. ultimate manufacture and supply hearing protection to help organisations ensure the products they supply conform to the noise at work Act Regulations.

As of April 6th 2006 it became law for your employer to supply ear defenders if staff are exposed to 80dB or more of noise. This is the equivalent of standing on a busy residential road.

Our ear defenders are used by health and safety conscious blue chip companies through to owner operations. Indeed as testament to our ingenuity, we've even designed specific industrial hearing protection to be detectable, a necessity in the food industry.

Studies have shown that one half of workers that wear hearing protection receive half or less of the protection they should. This is because their ear defender devices are not worn correctly or continuously due to improper or uncomfortable fit. To efficiently conform to health and safety regulations, ear plugs that are comfortable, fit every time and that are also easy to use, make for the best earplugs. It means users wear them!

Effective factory communication is the lifeblood of successfully running a factory. It connects employees, fosters teambuilding, facilitates change and drives business results in any situation. No matter how you look at it, communication is an integral part of a company's landscape and cannot be taken for granted. This is why ultimate design and manufacture custom hearing protection that work in conjunction with radio and telephone communications.

Our industrial earplugs:

All of our hearing protection products are manufactured to the highest standards; indeed, we are the first company of our kind to guarantee our ear protection products. These products have been independently tested in the UK for compliance to EN 352-2 and carry full CE approval.

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Remember, PPE comes in a range of sizes because every one of your employees is different - so why would you expect one size generic plugs to fit properly? Ultimate custom ear plugs are the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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