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Bass guitarist; Rihanna - Soundear pro3

"just wanted to say thanks again for the in-ears. I listen to most genre of music and found the definition amazing. I could identify every instrument and note clarity. On my live performance i found them very clear and could easily push my bass sound comfortably with the triple drivers, I was impressed with the overall performance of the in-ears and would highly recommend them for the gigging musician."
Clint williams - bass guitarist, Rihanna

Clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top

"Hi ultimate, Having just come off a summer festival run playing keyboards for Cher Lloyd, I can't express how happy I am with the Pro 3's. The noise cancellation is fantastic, really noticed this in the tent stages, with the noise from front of house and crowd being immense, the pro 3's not only cancelled this out but gave me a good clear in-ear monitor level that I could happily work with to enable me to perform at my best. Both in tents, out-door stages and in venues, the Pro 3's give a fantastic mix, clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top end and a great middle range. They're super comfy and discreet as well! Wouldn't recommend any others, ultimate Pro 3's all the way! Many thanks,"
Danielle McGinley

Fit perfectly - Tips for Marshall earphones

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for such a quick turnaround producing my bespoke earphone tips. They fit perfectly and take into account all the nuances of my earphones and shows your engineers skill in producing them. Thank you"
Justin Photis

Guitarist on tour with Marilyn Manson - SoundEar

"Love the single drivers I got from you. I used them every night for the @marilynmanson tour and they were amazing!"
Laura Conway

I can hear more of the music - SoundEars

"Hello. I ordered the soundear product and it arrived today. I have to say i am so pleased with it. The fit is perfect and the sound is amazing. I am sure i can hear more of the music than i have been able to. Thanks again."
Craig Wallace

I honestly love them

"I honestly love them, I have been using them for everything recently, particularly for drumming along to music with my ipod. None of my band currently use ear protection so I'm going to try and convince them to order some plugs from you."

International ambassador & clinician;

"In ears from ultimate; they are nothing short of stunning."
Craig Blundell

Love them says George Michaels drummer - SoundEar

"Love them ....I would have gone for doubles but the triple work for drummers too! And you are totally right about the extended ear canals too I'm in the studio now with them"
Lea Mullen

Magnificent - Glove/tip

"I just want to thank you again for all your help with my earphones. Also a big thank you to the techs who actually made these magnificent 'ear gloves'. They arrived early on Saturday and I have been using them ever since. The difference over headphones is indescribable!! I am truly impressed by the totally professional process that I have been a part of. Thank You all once again."

So crisp and clear - SoundEar

""As a musician suffering from tinnitus It is so important for me to protect my hearing, but at the same time I need be able to hear what is going on around me. The Soundear in ear monitors are perfect for me, so so crisp and clear. I never leave for a practice or a gig without them.""
Tom Lingard

Sound Engineer Paul Myers uses SoundEar Pro 3

"Have done a tour with Rizzle Kicks, I love the triples, have been on every occasion I meet other sound engineers spreading the good word of Ultimatear, they all seem to like that everything is in one place and uk made! All i have to say is fantastic, i must say the triples are fantastic, the low frequency responce is amazing, sub sound really phat and big. All the band have UE11's so we are definitely on the same page sonically which is fantastic. I have found your triples to be very very comfortable especially during a very sweaty gig,"
Paul Myers


"First impression are the sound is impressive - and I've heard things I've not before! I have a Paul Weller album that is recorded in the bbc studios, I've heard so much bits in the background which I never on my old inears."
Kevin Eason

SoundEar Pro 3

"The sound quality is brilliant, rich and full of bass. The noise cancellation (Fit of plugs & seal) is superb and I can't stress how much this improves the quality as a direct route to your ear canal with no loss of sound. These sit inside your ear and are very comfortable (So soft materials used) and can be worn for hours without having to release them or adjust them. Once your music starts you're in your own little world. The major plus using these as there is no bulk and are very discrete. I will never use over the ears or another brand of headphone again. The build quality is something of genius and seeing the components (clear) makes me smile every time I pick them up and worth every penny I paid"
A Noel

SoundEar Pro 3 (Triple Driver)

"The custom molded design is perfect for blocking out all of the ambient sound and delivering the music directly to your ear canal. It really didn't take me too long to get used to inserting and removing the phones and after wearing them a couple of times I found them very comfortable, you just forget that they are there.

I would have thought that the fact that you have the device embedded in your ear if you touch the cable you would get an annoying rumble in your ear but this is not the case, unless you touch the cable by your ear. I can only assume that this is because of the coating on the cable. The cable is also quite rigid which means it does not tangle."
Martin Shaw - March 2012

"First impressions - Amazed!
The bass is lush, deep but so very controlled. It feels quite strange to hear bass this good without feeling it through your chest! On further listening and trying to analyse the sound I couldn't hear any harsh transitions between woofers and tweeters that can reproduce inaccurate notes and can sound different from the intended recording. Instead, the Triple Drivers generate level tones and even image separation across all directional frequencies. Also very noticeable is the lack of sibilance at the high end, something that I have strived to eradicate in my hi-fi system, with limited success. I have to admit I find it very hard to criticise the sound reproduction of these headphones

One area I was always sceptical of with headphones was sound stage. headphones have always seemed to have placed the music within my head but with my home system, the music is in front of you with separation of the musicians and a sense of depth to the reproduction that can give you a feeling of " actually being there" I have never heard this before with headphones. The triple drivers create an imaging experience that extends outside of your head. Whilst there is a degree of depth ( front to back) of the music this is not as much as I would have liked, nothing like what you would hear from my home hi-fi. I guess this is to be expected, the drivers are, after all, part way into your head! It is worth saying at this point that I have carried out the majority of my listening using my iPhone, with lossless files but through the main headphone socket. I am looking forward to trying them with a headphone amp coupled directly out of the main connector on the bottom of the iPhone. I hope this may then improve the soundstage from the triple drivers.

I have to say that the sound developed dramatically over the first 5 hours of listening, as they "burnt in". I also tried using the triple drivers connected to the headphone socket of my Cyrus amp. I was hoping this would give an improved sound stage. I was however slightly disappointed, the overall sound just wasn't as good. I can only put this down to the triple drivers being "overdriven" by the Cyrus amp. I don't really see this as a problem as I never intend to use the headphones in a fixed position in the home ( I have a set of Quad speakers for that)"
Martin Shaw - March 2012

"The versatile sound profile makes the triple drivers an excellent candidate for a variety of genres. The musicality is just fantastic, you feel a total connection with the artist singing or playing the music, it can be very emotional!

When I consider the cost of the headphones and an mp3 player with the quality of the sound reproduced compared to my hi-fi system at home that cost 10 times that amount the triple drivers are excellent value for money. I rave about these headphones to all of my friends but I can't prove how good they are - they won't fit anybody else's ears!

Finally, I would like to thank Dave Marshall for giving me the opportunity to own a pair of these fantastic headphones. I always have them with me, it's like carrying your home hi-fi system with you where every you go!"
Martin Shaw - March 2012

Soundear pro3

"To be honest.... I'm in awe! I have to say, initially I thought they were good but whilst the bass was powerful it was woolly and the mids a little distant. However after about 5hrs running in the difference was amazing. So I have decided to keep a bit of a log/ diary."

"I have not written a review of any sort before, so please bear with me. I also have to admit that my experience with headphones is also limited. Up until now I have only owned a pair of Etymotic ER-6i. I do however enjoy my Cyrus/ Quad hi-fi system at home and it is inevitable that I compare the sound from the Triple drivers to the sound from the Cyrus system."
Martin Shaw - March 2012

Soundear uep 75

"they sounded amazing, the sonic quality was fantastic even for a single driver, i must congratulate you and the Ultimate team for making a really great quality product that is made in the UK. The bass response was full, the mids were clear and the tops were sparkling and all round great sound. Not only did they sound great but were very very comfortable.12"


"I honestly love them, I have been using them for everything recently, particularly for drumming along to music with my ipod. None of my band currently use ear protection so I'm going to try and convince them to order some plugs from you."

Spectacular - SoundEar Pro2

"Firstly the presentation is excellent, the hard case is very professional and neoprene wallet is very handy. The finish on the earphones is excellent. I love the cable cover as it is very difficult to tangle. The cable length is just perfect, and long enough to have the audio device in a jeans pocket and not pull on the cable. I’m my opinion the standard length of some IEM/earphone cables are too short for someone of my height (6ft). The little Velcro cable tie is ideal, you just unwrap it and let the jack fall and your IEMs unravel. No tangles to contend with. The fit I have to say is perfect, really snug without any looseness or over-tight, stretched feeling. The isolation is fantastic the best I’ve experienced to date and this is my third set of IEMs. I’ve had two sets of very similar silicone dual driver Sensaphonics and the fit and isolation is better on the Pro 2s definitely. That brings us to the sound… Well, initially I was a bit disappointed with the high frequency (HF) response, but then I remembered that new drivers just like any engine needs a bit of running in. Over the next 3-5 hours of listening the HF’s sibilant splashy characteristic that was present began to drop away leaving a lovely flat sounding set of IEMs. The low frequency (LF) is rich warm without being over powering, mid-range is nicely balanced and natural, and the HF detail is quite spectacular and exciting to listen too without seeming false. I like my IEMs to be very flat as I use them for listening pleasure as well as reference and these make fantastic reference earphones! If there is any EQing to be done I want to do it myself! I’ve turned them up as loud as I dare and I haven’t experienced any distortion, I’m not prepared to go any louder so that’s really good! Over time I haven’t experienced any fatigue and I’ve done a 4 hour stint. The beauty of this type of earphone is that because of the fit, the isolation allows you to listen at any level you desire. Once they’re in and the audio is running there’s no chance of hearing what any one is saying to you. So in summary, a high quality product, great sound, can’t fault them, the attention to detail makes them easy to use and I’d highly recommend them to anyone!"
Jay Beard: Former Monitor Engineer for Doves, Elbow and Snow Patrol.

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