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BloodhoundSSC - SoundEar

"I'm exicted that we are working with ultimate ear. Having tested the ear pieces extensively, I know that they give a quite remarkable level of hearing protection - which is just as well, as they will be protecting me while I sit under the intake of one of the world's most advanced jet fighter engines. Being that close to the engine at full power is a slightly scary thought, but with this level of protection, I'm looking forward to it already."
Andy Green (Wing Commander), RAF Pilot and Bloodhound SSC Driver

Fantastic - Filtered plug

"I'd like to thank you for all your help in purchasing my ultimate ear protection. I have used them flying and they are undoubtedly fantastic at omitting the helicopter noise."
Paddy (Aberdeen)

They are fantastic - SoundEar

"Just a quick word to say thanks for my union jack earphones they are fantastic and really cut out the noise even when not listening to music."

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