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Product Reviews

Brilliant - Thorpe Park Staff

"They all fit and look brilliant."
Sean Coogan

Charlie Boorman loves them - SoundEar Pro3

"OMG I love them. The sound is so good. You boys have done it once more. Thank you so much."
Charlie Boorman

Documentary cameraman - Soundear

"As a documentary cameraman I have had to work in some hostile environments where you only get one chance to get not only the image but more crucially usable audio. In these situations standard headphones are not up to the job so I had to find an alternative that would enable me to have confidence in what I was recording. The solution was to have bespoke earphones moulds made by ultimate ear. These moulds are an exact fit to my ear which blocks out any extraneous noise enabling me to listen to the what I am recording. Such as recording a piece to camera whilst an apache helicopter takes off behind the presenter. The added benefit is that they are also protecting my hearing from any excessive noise that could cause serious long term damage. In addition to this the quality of the sound reproduction is second to none. I can not recommend highly enough the quality of the ultimate ear earphones and the level of professionalism from the whole team at ultimate ear. These really will be the last pair of earphones you will ever buy."
Nick Avery

Wheeler Dealer Mike Like's - SoundEar Pro3

"Mike Brewer I use professional ear plugs that completely block out ambient sound, I can hear the director or my music crystal clear."
Mike Brewer (Wheeler Dealer TV Presenter)

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