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"Thank you very much for sorting this out for me, got the new ones and used them at the weekend and they are perfect no problems what so ever on a trip over 100miles nice and silent. So very much appreciate the effort that you went to in resolving my issues, a brilliant service. Thanks"
Mark Scott

A must have - SoundEar

"I can only say that this ear protection and it's new cable system is perfect. A MUST HAVE FOR THE SERIOUS BIKER. Keep on improving ultimate ear. A very satisfied customer."
N Bruno

Absolutely brilliant - G4 headset conversion + Sou

"Hi ultimate. I have just received back my G4 headsets after conversion to take the ‘SoundEar’ earplugs. I have done a 'road test' with my sat/nav I can only describe the results as absolutely brilliant. Please pass on to all concerned my appreciation of a job well done."
Brian Whiting

Charley Boorman loves them - SoundEar

"OMG I love them. The sound is so good. You boys have done it once more. Thank you so much."
Charley Boorman

Excellent customer service

"This is just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the service I received from you recently. I dropped two Scala Rider headsets in to be modified to accept my ultimate ear SoundEars. I needed these on a tight turnaround for a trip with my son. ultimate assured me that they would try and meet the deadline even with the extended bank holiday. Not only did they meet my expectation but they exceeded it by delivering them early which made my life much simpler. Thank you, excellent customer service."
Rob Brickle

Filtered plug - Another league

"Finally managed a couple of hundred miles with my new earplugs. Very good, wish these had been available 50 years ago! I’ve used tailor-made earplugs for some years but these are in another league!"
Paul Edwards

Filtered Plugs

""Being a bit slow on the uptake, I finally got myself customised ear plugs (after 14 years of bike travel) and then gave them the ultimate test - riding a BMW 1200GS on a 12,000 mile trip from London to Beijing. Crossing mountain ranges, deserts and some of the world's busiest cities, I wore the ear plugs every day. They were fantastic, and I can't understand why I haven't used them before. They fit me perfectly, I love the colours, and most importantly, they were great at eliminating both the wind and engine noise, particularly important when riding for 11 weeks non-stop. I'm now a complete convert to them.""
Tiffany Coates the World's Foremost Female Bike Adventurer

I am a fan of your products - SoundEar

Philip Buckingham

I am really happy - SoundEar

"Comment: I just wanted to say a big thank you for my soundear plugs - at last I can listen to music peacefully on my bike without having to raise the volume. And with noisy kids next door, I can work in the garden with them and listen to the radio or music without the distraction. The Sleep Plugs too are brill - at last I can get a good night's sleep - I only need one at a time. They are comfortable under a helmet. Thanks guys - I am really happy!"
John Mosedale

I'm a massive fan!

"I just wanted to say thank you. The new SoundEar monitors are fantastic. Comparing my previous (expensive) earphones to the SoundEar monitors is like comparing sackcloth to silk. And excellent customer service too. All-in-all I'm a massive fan!"
Jon Slade

I've had seven years use - SoundEars

"I would like to express my thanks to all at ultimate ear protection for providing firstly great customer service and secondly a great product. I have just returned to you an old set of in ear monitors that have had 7 years of motorcycle touring and have stood up to this task pretty well considering it is a pretty challenging environment for any electronic product. The monitors eventually called it a day with one ear dying on me so I sent them back for either repair or replacement, unfortunately the product was uneconomic to repair, so I was offered a set of replacements for a discounted price. I expressed to the person on the phone that I really needed these back for a trip that I had planned leaving on the 22nd April which didn't give you much time to make the new ones. However true to your word I received the new product today well in time for my departure and they are so much better than the original pair. Thanks again for taking the trouble to move stuff about and express manufacture these for me and I hope that I get another 7 years from this pair."
Simon James

Perfect - Squidgies

"ultimate Just to let you know that because of inclement weather I have just collected and used plugs for first time. They are perfect. Thank you all there for your patience and professionalism. I would be pleased to recommend your services anytime . Thanks again"
Robert Palmese

Perfect fit - SoundEar

"Dear ultimate Thank you for the speedy return of my ear phones, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Many thanks - great service. I would not hesitate in recommending your product to biking friends."
Richard Whitaker

Pretty Amazing - SoundEar

"I have really felt the benefit of them fitting properly, the things you can hear, and not hear on the bike are pretty amazing. So please can you pass on this email as a letter of recommendation to your level of customer service, i would recommend, and have, your services to my other biking friends."
Matt Corns

RoSPA member - Soundear & Squidgies

"I too had a set of SoundEars and they were superb. I ordered them last time ultimate came to do us a pitch which must have been over three years ago. Very comfortable and cut out a load of background noise. Bit of a pain one evening though when on the train listening to my ipod and I missed the announcement saying they were modifying the stops and the train was going fast from Gatwick to Brighton when I wanted to get off at Three Bridges! I also have a set of their Squidgies ear plugs which I use all the time and they are good too."
Rob Wilkie


"So spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday commuting between Lee and Battersea Power Station on my motorbike wearing the single drive bike headphone. they sounded amazing, the sonic quality was fantastic even for a single driver, i must congratulate you and the Ultimate team for making a really great quality product that is made in the UK. The bass response was full, the mids were clear and the tops were sparkling and all round great sound. Not only did they sound great but were very comfortable."

"The moulded monitors are superb and I have found them to be very effective and comfortable for extended periods.. As it is the plugs allow me to hear my phone and use it at motorway speeds which were the aim in the first place."
John clark


"I am writing to say how good my wife and I found the Motorcycle Monitors with speakers. We used them with an Autocom system on our honeymoon last year. We travelled 4000 miles around Europe and found them perfect. They were clear, comfortable, and unlike other fitted plugs I've had before, they didn't dislodge from my ear. The first time we used the Autocom we used the original speakers and earplugs. They were quite uncomfortable and the volume needed to be set to maximum so we could hear. With the Ultimate's fitted monitors with integrated speakers we had the volume set way down from maximum and still they were clearer than the original system. Along with our Zumo sat nav, they were the best investment we made for the whole trip."
Thank you, Jason and Karen

"The ultimate ear monitors are probably the best single item of biking kit that I've ever had (other than the bike itself!)."
S. Paterson

"I ride a motorcycle with quite a turbulent and noisy screen...Your 75 Q tips are absolutely fantastic. I am highly delighted with their performance...they keep out the noise, the volume on my MP3 player can be set low and does not need adjusting for any speed. They are a nice comfortable fit and easily inserted and removed, and not disturbed when taking helmet on or off. If you want to listen (music, radio,communications) you cannot beat this quality."
Roger Prestcote


"I've just received the cable that I was chasing. Thanks for getting it to me so promptly following my call. I have not had chance to test the system in conjunction with the Autocom but as a stand alone aid to listening to music it is magic!"
David P.


"Fantastic!!! I am so pleased I decided to have your excellent ear canal monitors (moulds taken at the BMF show). I have tried all sorts of earphones and experimented with sound amplifiers, autovoxing intercoms and various helmet speaker combos, with and without ear plugs. All resulted in discomfort, pain, huge increases in sound levels and poor audio at virtually all speeds - simply put - nothing really worked. But the quality and sound reproduction at quite low volume settings was a revelation using your product. I must thank you for getting my order out to me before I was due to go on a long 500 mile trip a few days ago - an excellent test and the ear protectors were superb at both noise reduction and audio quality. I'm sorry to go on a bit, but I just had to pass on my thanks at your excellent service and to put on record my delight at having finally found the perfect solution to long motorcycle rides - I shall be recommending you to all my friends and acquaintances. Thanks again."
E. Harries

"Hello all at Ultimate Ear, I recently received my UEP 75's. Your representative (sorry, can't remember his name) came to my house on his GS1200 to take the moulds, which was a really excellent efficient service and saved me a lot of travelling. I then needed the monitors quickly for a European trip I am doing next month, and they arrived after only 2 weeks, just in time for a 200 mile trip to Cornwall."

"The monitors are very comfortable and the sound protection in ideal, it was also so nice to have some music whilst sitting on the the M3, A303. I also play the drums and during some recording sessions the monitors have come into their own, it's much easier to play along to the tracks now I can hear them in better quality. So, thanks to all involved, looking forward to the dawn run down to the ferry now."
Best regards, C. Birch


"Great service, recieved this morning, thanks very much indeed, top people"
Gary Griffiths

"Many years ago Andy Hobdell brought my attention to the idea of getting some custom moulded ear plugs made up, how glad I am that I followed up on his suggestion. Without them, the combination of screaming babies, chattering teenagers and the insescent drone of jet engines would be enough to drive a bloke mad. Get them made up with monitors built in and the sound of the crowd can be replaced by the gentle soothing tones of ... well, whatever you like, and for my young muso friends, Mr Smith and Mr van Vliet who might want to maintain their hearing into their 40's, you might want to consider getting some too ... :-)"
John Carey, NZ

SoundEar - Fantastic

"The new SoundEar earplugs are fantastic. They are such a great fit that I very quickly didn’t even notice that I was wearing them. I have significant tinnitus which has made communication between rider and pillion difficult at times. With the SoundEars it was never a problem. I really couldn’t believe how clearly Mike and I could communicate which made for a much more pleasant and less stressful riding experience. I was showing them off to everyone on our tour. As Mike said I am really, truly over the moon. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
Brenda - Peak Rider Training

SoundEar – Over the moon

"We’ve just returned from our first organised tour of the year (to Italy) and Brenda is over the moon with them. She will be sending her own comments later today. The SoundEars allow rider & pillion get full benefit from the Autocom. Because side tone is now so clear neither person feels a need to raise their voice over outside ambient noise or other forms of inserted ear protection. It really is a joy to have conversation in normal speaking voices at any speed knowing that you’re protected from wind noise at the same time. I’ll be talking about our experience in the next Peak Rider newsletter. Thanks again for the great service."
Mike - Peak Rider Training

SoundEar – Perfect Storm

"The problem is that the Schuberth SRC system works through a set of speakers that Velcro into the helmet. This meant that I couldn’t wear my earplugs. Well, that was until I met the guys from Ultimate Ear at the NEC last November. These guys took an imprint of my ear canal; they also did Sara’s. Into these earplugs they inserted tiny speakers and then created a screw-together connector that allows me to connect them to my Schuberth SRC communications system. This really does present the Perfect Storm, as far as I’m concerned. The quietest helmet money can buy, custom-fitted earplugs with internal speakers, and a brilliant comm’s. system. All-in-one very neat package."
Blog - Motolegends

SoundEars – Excellent service

"Just collected my monitors from repair. Excellent service and super fast. Can't praise them enough as needed them for holiday to France on Monday morning. Super friendly ladies on the reception as well. THANK YOU LOADS"
Michael Denning


"I would like to thank everyone for their help in getting my order to me, following the recent confusion at the NEC. This really is a case of "You get what you pay for". In this case that means an excellent product backed up by the highest level of customer service."
David V

"Please find enclosed my ear impressions as I would like to order another 2 sets please but without cords this time if possible. The old set worked exceptionally well and it is only because I have lost the right one that I need to re-order. Working as I do in the Moto GP and WSB paddocks I have found them to work brilliantly and I would most certainly recommend them to anyone working in that kind of environment. Thank you for your help."
Andy Ibbott, School Director, California Superbike School

"Just to let you know my order arrived yesterday and I am very happy with the products. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other bikers. Many thanks for a speedy service."
Paul A. Chambers

"I just want to say a very big thank you to all of you, I was fitted for my ear plugs at the BMF tail end show in September this year, and asked for a quick turnaround on them as I was going away on a long weekend on the bike with a group of mates at the end of the month. They arrived in time and I've been delighted with them, they are so comfy, so many thanks on a brilliant service."
Regards, Kevin

"Just to say thanks for delivering an excellent product within the timescale promised. Impression taken/plugs ordered pm Sunday at BMF Tail End arrived today (Saturday 25th)."
Regards, R. Olliffe

"Just one thing fantastic on bike good noise reduction and very comfortable over long periods of time."
S. Morgan

"I recently purchased my second set of Ear Protection from Dave at the NEC Motorcycle Show 2005, my first set bought last year at the MEN in Manchester are very good indeed, however, I asked Dave this year if it possible to create a set to cut even more sound out, my motorcycle has a particularly loud Termigononi Race system and my first set of plugs didn't quite cut enough sound out. Anyway, Dave asked me to send feed back once I had received the new set which you made with a longer inner ear and a much more snug fit. They arrived yesterday and although I won't be riding my Ducati this side of Christmas, I did a sound test with the bike and there is a marked difference between this new set and my original set and although the proof will certainly be in the riding, the initial impression is very good.

Having custom earplugs made has been a very worthwhile investment; the quality of your product is without a shadow of a doubt, the best on the market. I found Dave on both occasion to be extremely helpful and informative, and after receiving my second set of Ear plugs from ultimate ear protection, I certainly would not trust anything else, I found mine to be, in both cases, an excellent fit, very comfortable and it would seem, able to cope with the amount of DBs kicked out of the back of my Ducati. Very pleased, keep up the good work."
Kind regards, N. Murray

"Thank you for replying to the email I sent you. Just to let you know I received my ear plugs this morning and I am very pleased with them."
Mark Chapman

"Last month I outlined the preparation needed for the manufacture of the hearing protection ultimate sound blockers, which were due to be sent in a couple of weeks, and promised you the results of how they performed 'on the road'.

With the weekend in Snowdonia planned for the late May Bank Holiday I was hoping that they would appear in time, which is exactly what happened on the Friday morning, 13 days after the order.

Bike loaded and the plugs in I set off to enjoy the trip. After a while it was time for a break and it was a relief to take the plugs out as they had started to become uncomfortable. The instructions do say that they need a bit of getting used to in how you fit them. With a bit of practice after the break I found them easier to fit and the remainder to the ride was completed in comfort as far as my ears were concerned, although other parts of the anatomy were beginning to fill the strain. .

The long break gave me a chance to try the plugs in a variety of locations and weather, during our rides through and sometimes over the mountain Passes that abound the region. Unlike the usual type of ear plugs you don't have to worry about getting them to fit correctly every time as there is only one was you can fit them, as each is marked to show the left and the right. .

They are not intended to completely shut out all sound, but to reduce the normal noise associated with bike riding to an acceptable level, which I found to be the case. The bike seemed to burble along rather than sound as if the bottom end is about to break loose. .

Do I like them? Yes. Would I recommend them? Yes. Are they worth the price which can start at £55? I think so, but each will have to make up their own mind as to what price you wish to place on your hearing. After all how much is a person prepared to pay for contact lenses or spectacles to be able to see correctly! Would I go back to the ordinary plugs? Definitely not. Even after the short period of only a few days the difference was quite marked and made a large contribution to the enjoyment that I found on the ride home by getting rid of that irritating wind noise that seems to be constantly presence regardless of what type of helmet that is used."
G. Patrick

"Impressed they were made available 3 days before due date and pleasantly and competently supplied. Make a big difference to the bike - now refined, quiet and 20% faster! Do everything I expected and more. Thank you to the guy who fitted them for me. Bit like divorce - should have done it years ago!"
Anthony B

The Best - SoundEar

"The best headphones I have ever had. Make such a difference."
Matt Jeary

wind noise in the helmet is virtually gone - Sound

"i received my new soundEar last week and took the out for a test over the week end on my motorcycle . i tested the soundEar with and without my ipod . the sound quality is fantastic at greatly reduced volume levels, wind noise in the helmet is virtually gone and they are so comfortable to wear. unbelievable product . thankyou to all at ulimateear"
D. Hoskins

Wind noise is no longer an issue - Squidgies

"Hi there. I received my ear plugs yesterday and have had the chance to ride with them in twice now, they are amazing! Wind noise is no longer an issue! Thanks to you and your technicians for sorting the issues out! Kinds Regards"
Gary Titchmarsh

Your amazing 'plugs! - Squidgy

"UP UNTIL 2001, I used any earplugs I could get hold of. The awful cotton-wool ones, the squidgy EAR ones, the dayglo orange rounded tip ones, but then I got a set of these made. ultimate ear take an impression of your ear canal and then from the impressions make up a custom-made set of ear plugs which you can re-use again and again. In my 11 years with them, they are my number one piece of riding kit. I’ve lost them more times than I can mention, but always made an effort to find them again – and thankfully found them, as I’ve lost the original impressions! They fit more comfortably than traditional ear plugs which means they block out much more extraneous sound. I’ve probably done 500,000 miles in them around the world when riding a bike but they have other uses to. I’ve used these when I’ve wanted a good night’s sleep (when the daughter was younger and it was my turn for some kip), at race events with unsilenced motorcycles, on flights abroad as well as in the garage when I’ve been banging something ferociously. You can choose them to be colour-coded and now inscribed with your name. To clean them I put them in the dishwasher every so often, which probably explains why I’m single. I wouldn’t be without them."
Bertie Simmonds

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