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Search for the perfect ear piece

"In my search for the perfect earpiece, I came across ultimate ear, who not only specialise in custom made hearing protection, but also custom made earpieces for a range of communication devices. Initially an ear mould was taken and then a couple of weeks later I received the final product. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the earpiece, which also contained a filter, which could be plugged if I wanted to totally cut out any external noises. The clarity of the earpiece is superb and due to the earpiece being such a fantastic fit, I can finally hear exactly what is going on in extremely noisy environments! Ultimate Ear has met my expectations and more and I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone who was serious about obtaining the best possible hearing communication solution. Thanks ultimate ear! Proceed When l decided to look for an earpiece my main concerns were regarding the clarity of sound & comfort of the earpiece, especially as I would be wearing it for the best part of 12 hours.The required job of the relevant earpiece was to be able to hear exactly what was going on, clearly, without any major external disruption. Considering the various types of environments I would be working in, this was of the utmost importance. Standing in football stadium & trying to keep an ear on what is going on is no fun when you have to strain to hear each transmission. Likewise, standing on a busy carriageway also posses its own problems."

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