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Brilliant at keeping water out of my ears

"I swim on a regular basis and was starting to suffer with trapped water in my ears. ultimate ear suggested their swim plugs, and fantastic they are to, perfect fit, easy in and out even with wet hands as incorporate a handy little moulded handle/grip, and have been brilliant at keeping water out of my ears. ultimate result as far as I am concerned."
David Bellis

The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing

"The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing! With the soft material, they are proving brilliant. As you can imagine, I've waxed lyrical about them to all my mates and a few of them are interested in getting some. I've also seen and felt a few of the ones produced in Bideford and they are heavy and solid in comparison. A lot more people are using custom plugs and I think yours are the best, so if you add it to your web site, I'm sure you'll get some interest. Feel free to use my testimonial. Thanks again."

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