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Absolutely Brilliant - Driver comm

"The plugs are absolutely brilliant. Brands was a great weekend. Thank you."
Tom Barley

Awesome - Driver Comm

"My plugs from ultimate are awesome, I race with them, ride the motorbike with them, I've even used them with my I-pod whilst flying. The fit is great AND they last longer than any other make I've used"
Martin Byford

Dakota Mamola uses - Squidgy

"I just got the chance to ride the 600 like 2 weeks ago and used your guy's earplugs. They are awesome and work great! Would love to keep on using these earplugs in the future. – Dakota Mamola"
Dakota Mamola

Driver Comm

"As used by lotus F1"

G-Series – Really impressed

"I was really impressed with the service provided by Ultimate Ear. I had a problem where my old ear pieces broke and I needed a new pair at short notice. I contacted them and 24 hours later I had a set of moulded ear pieces. I went with the standard fit rather than bespoke and they are spot on, comfortable and I can hear the team! I would recommend them to anyone."
Aaron Scott

I'm now 20% faster

"Impressed that made available 3 days before due date and pleasantly and competently supplied. Make a big difference to the bike - now refined, quiet and 20% faster! Do everything I expected and more. Thank you"
Anthony Biebuyck

Impressive - SoundEar

"Having worked in the professional sound industry for over 30 years I have the greatest respect for my hearing. Protection is a must in some of the environments that I find myself in. I have been looking for some time for a pair of hearing protectors that I could wear in my ears when in noisy environments to reduce the risk of hearing loss. I also wanted to be able to listen to speech and music playback in the same environments without having to have the volume up high to mask the background sounds. A friend recommended that I contact ultimate ear protection. After a visit to have impressions of my ear taken I received a pair of SoundEar in ear monitors. They arrived just in time for me to use at the Le Mans 24hr motor racing event in France. The attenuation of sound from the racing cars was impressive, enabling me to listen to the radio commentary at a very comfortable level. The clarity of the speech was excellent. Plugging them into my music player with CD quality recordings was also impressive with a lot of clarity and detail considering the noise that was surrounding me."
Tom Simpson

Ollie Millroy - Ecurie Ecosse Endurance Driver

"I'm racing in the Blancpain European Endurance Series in the BMW Z4 GT3 with Ecurie Ecosse. Blancpain is the premier GT series in Europe with 60 cars from 13 different manufacturers. As strategy is of upmost importance in endurance racing, we are using the pit-to-car radio a few times every lap. This is why it's crucial that as the driver, I have the best quality earphones available to ensure that all instructions from the team are heard perfectly."
Ollie Millroy

Really Good - Driver Comms

"Ear phones really good! A lot better than my other types. I think maybe because it's better compounds I.e softer. It felt comfortable, clear sounds, plugged out outside sounds and I'm basically really impressed. Normally I'm very picky about things and so far everything is ok!"
Ryan Cullen

Remarkable - Driver Comm

"I'm excited that we are working with Ultimate Ear. Having tested the ear pieces extensively, I know that they give a quite remarkable level of hearing protection - which is just as well, as they will be protecting me while I sit under the intake of one of the world's most advanced jet fighter engines. Being that close to the engine at full power is a slightly scary thought, but with this level of protection, I'm looking forward to it already"
Andy Green (Wing Commander) RAF pilot, and Bloodhound SSC driver

SoundEars - You have made my season

"I have finally found a comfortable set of ear plugs that not only block out the Moto GP bikes in pit lane, but I can also hear my director perfectly, I guess that's blown the old didn't hear you excuse, Well done Ultimate hearing protection, you have made my season."
Steve Parrish

Squidgy - Junior motorcyclists

"I was really pleased to get my Ultimate ear defenders just before my very first 125 race at Mallory Park. Apart from being brilliant they brought me luck as I finished first in my class two times."

"I do a lot of noisy indoor mini moto races which can make you deaf by the end of the day. Ultimate have fixed this so now my hearing is never affected"

The most comfortable - Driver Comms

"My squidgy earpieces are the most comfortable I have worn in my motorsport career. I even ordered another pair for my iPod."
Jerome D'ambrosio

The product itself is fantastic - Driver Comms

"Great team of people, very experienced. The product itself is fantastic. The colours came out great as well as the name printing on the side. Comfortable and easy use!"
Howard Fuller

Wigley Racing use Squidgy

"“Great - have used Ultimate's ear plugs for a few years. Always fit well and easy to use. Thanks :)”"
Wigley Racing

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