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G Series - £165.00 + P&P

G Series G Series G Series G Series

Product Overview

If you don’t get on with ‘those foamy’ ear plugs, or need a multiple person/use solution there is another option. Introducing the G series in ear comm’s: Based on ultimate’s extensive experience and knowledge of both the ear and our patrons, we have designed three ‘fit all’ earplugs to match the natural contours of the ear, and utilising silicone production techniques to come up with these innovative designs to deliver communications to your ears, whilst reducing the noise of your environment. They are also available with the connector of your choice. Choose from either the GS, GM and GL model, and as these generic solutions are a stocked item you can experience them for yourselves right away.

Signal Cable:
Our signal cable has been chosen to match the quality of the design and build of our Driver comm range, the core cable delivers a clean sound, the interwoven Kevlar increases its strength and flexibility whilst the polyurethane outer sheath eliminates the passage of friction noise in to the ear, and can be terminated with a connector jack of your choice.

Single Driver:
The G Series benefits from a small single armature driver chosen to offer a good level of detailed sound. The combined result is clear quality sound, coupled with noise reduction. You will experience a detail and clarity of sound, which will mean, you can focus more on your driving.


  • Generic fit
  • Fully hygienic/cleanable
  • Small and lightweight
  • Excellent noise reduction properties
  • Indicated left and right
  • 1 year guarantee/warranty

What's in the box:

  • Pair of G Series in ear comm's
  • Neoprene soft pouch
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Fitting and cleaning guides
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Important information to read:
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Price £165.00 inc.vat + P&P

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