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Specialist products in unique buoyant material designed to help keep water from your ears. The 'SWIM PLUG' is designed for swimmers and manufactured as a full shell, for extra security in the water but with a Moulded handle, for easier removal. These swimming earplugs are ideal for keeping water from younger children's ears especially if they have grommets fitted or for any one with inner ear problems i.e. perforated ear drums. Also excellent for preventing the onset of surfer's ear.

Swim Plug

Swim Plug

The 'SWIM PLUG' is designed for swimmers. Man...
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Surf Plug

Watersports Plug

Based on our hugely popular Swim Plug and man...
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What our customers say:

The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing
The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing! With the soft material, they are proving brilliant. As you can ...More


Brilliant at keeping water out of my ears
I swim on a regular basis and was starting to suffer with trapped water in my ears. ultimate ear suggested the ...More

David Bellis

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