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Back in bed with my Husband

"Dear Sirs, I am writing to let you know that the ear moulds work brilliantly! I didnt really believe that they would - but was so fed up of having to sleep in a separate room to avoid my husband's snoring and other types of ear plugs were not effective at all. However, I have managed to stay in my own bed every night since they arrived! Thank you!"
Jill Kinder

Get the sleep you need!

"Travelling a lot as I do through work and staying away in hotels I have no prior experience of, getting sleep is vital to be good to go on work day. Yesterday was a very recent experience of this, very warm hotel room (windows open), busy road outside (very noisy). Sleep plugs to the rescue. Great comfort, great noise reduction = GREAT SLEEP!"
AH, Kent

I am getting a good nights sleep now - Sleep Plug

"Thanks to the team. The ear plugs fit fine, I am getting a good nights sleep now. Thank you"
Tony Boxall

I am really happy - Sleep Plug

"The Sleep Plugs too are brill - at last I can get a good night's sleep - Thanks guys - I am really happy!"
John Mosedale

Now I can share a room with the loudest snorer - S

"After spending many golf weekend sharing twin rooms with my friends I found the only drawback was the sleepless nights listening to the continuous snoring. I tried standard earplugs but they do not work, I then had fortune of discovering UHPS who make made to measure earplugs which have solved the problem. It only takes 20mins for the fitting and up to 28 days for the earplugs to be ready. Now I can share a room with the loudest snorer with no problem and get a great night’s sleep. If you have any problem with loud nose I would greatly recommend UHPS earplugs. The only problem is they do not improve your golf."
Micky White

Recommended by Mail Online - Sleep Plug

"Whether you’re prone to swimming-related ear infections, work in a noisy environment or are plagued by a snoring partner, there is an ear-plug to suit your specific needs. These look like a hearing aids and are specially customised to fit each ear individually, one for left and one for right, for ultimate comfort. They have a two-year guarantee, come with a cleaning tool and are good at blocking out sudden, very loud noises of up to 30 decibels."
Mail On Sunday reporter

Sleep Plug

"Used the sleep ears at a Jazz gig i watched last night, i know they are not supposed to be ear plugs, but they were very comfortable and stopped the trumpet blowing my ear drums out during his self indulgent noodling rubbish (not a Jazz fan), and no one noticed i had them in!"

"You made me some earplugs for sleeping a few weeks ago as I have very noisy neighbours. Once I had got used to using them and sleeping in them I think they are probably the best earplugs on the market. I had tried several other makes before coming to you but as they are custom made they seem to blot out all sound. They are definitely worth the money."
Many thanks, Paula

"Used the sleep ears over the weekend whilst in Whitstable, in two applications, firstly what they design for, sleeping, and they proved very good at keeping the crying 2yr old noise out, as well as being comfortable to sleep in"

"I have found the sleeping plugs really good on a number of occasions; they effectively cut out most of the background noise and are comfortable to sleep in."
John clark

The difference is amazing!

"I bought a pair of Sleep Plugs this spring as I tend to be woken by a combination of the dawn chorus and traffic if I leave the window open (we live adjacent to a main road). Up until now I have always used disposable foam plugs but find these are painful after a while as my ear canals are quite small. The difference is amazing. The sound reduction is at least as good if not better, and once you get the knack of putting them in it is very easy. Also they do not fall out or protrude from the outer ear! As the plugs are made to fit and do not expand, they do not hurt and I tend to forget I have them in, and they have the added bonus that I can also use them as hearing protection on the motorbike or when using the lawn mower. My husband got a pair of the slightly more rigid Squidgy plugs at the same time for use on his motorbike and is very pleased. They cut down on the wind noise but the engine is still audible. Jane West Sussex"

Worth every penny - Sleep Plug

"Since I have used the sleep plugs, I have never slept better. Although I vaguely hear what goes on when awake, once I am asleep I don't hear a thing! However, I have always woken up when the alarm goes off. I feel so much better after a good night's sleep. They were also supposed to be for the motorbike but I keep leaving the earplugs in the bedside cabinet! Worth every penny!"

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