Do I require an ear impression/mould for Ultimate products?

Yes, an overwhelming majority of our products are custom made meaning they require an impression of your ear.

What is the process for ordering? How do I order?

You can order online or by calling us on 01689 876885. You can also visit us at one of our events which we attend.

Once you have placed an order, if you already have ear moulds you must post them into us at Ultimate Ear, 2A Bedford Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 7JP. If not, select ‘I need an impression appointment’ when ordering online and one of our helpful staff members will be in touch to organise this appointment on your behalf.

Where can I get a impression/mould of my ear taken?

Once you place an order online or by calling us on 01689 876885 we will be in touch to organise your impression appointment. We have over 700 UK audiologist partners in the UK so no matter your location we will have a partner who can take your ear impressions within a short journey.

If you are based in London/South-East you can visit our offices in Sidcup, Kent for an impression appointment. Contact us here to arrange that. Alternatively, we take free ear impressions at all of our events 

How long is the lead time on Ultimate Products?

The standard lead time on our products is roughly a maximum of 28 days from us receiving your impressions. We do however offer various express services for varying prices. 5 day (£25), and 48 hour (£45) express services are available. These prices are inclusive of post and packaging.

Is the price of the ear impressions included in the prices on your website?

No, the impression fee is an additional charge which you pay to the audiologist directly on the day of your appointment. It is typically around the £30 mark. Alternatively, we are based in Sidcup, Kent and charge £30 for ear impressions. Call 01689 876885 to book an ear impression appointment at our Sidcup Office.

What do I do with my moulds once I have attended my ear impression appointment?

After your ear impression appointment you must post these into us. View our contact details here.

We recommend you sent your ear impressions via a recorded method. We also ask you include your order number and contact details so that we know they are your ear impressions.

Do I receive the moulds back with my order?

Yes, when we send you your order we will return your ear impressions. This way you just need to post them back into us if you ever require a new product or a replacement set of earplugs.

How long do Ultimate products last?

We recommend getting a new replacement set every 3-4 years as your ears are constantly growing and changing shape.

In terms of the plugs themselves, they shouldn’t deteriorate as they are designed using high quality medical grade silicone.

Do your products come with any warranty?

Ultimate guarantees all custom products against defective manufacture, component failure and/or materials for one year from the date of purchase. Please supply the original order number/receipt when making a claim under warranty

Click here to view our full returns policy.

What do the earplugs/products come with? do they come with any accessories?

All of our products come with a pouch, cleaning wipes, lubricant to help fit your plugs, a cleaning tool (if applicable) and a fitting guide.

These accessories can be viewed here.

Are your products available in different colours?

Yes, our products are available in a wide range of colours. The colour choices for each product will be available at checkout for each product.

Do the Squidgy/Filtered plugs come with a cord and clip as standard?

No, our plugs come loose as standard.

A detachable cord and clip is available for an additional £5 (included with industrial range).