The original motorcyclist product, a custom made earplug providing 30dB of hearing protection. Perfect for those looking for maximum protection from wind and engine noise.


These earplugs contain filters that are designed to allow for clearer sound from communication systems whilst still protecting the user from harmful wind and engine noise. Available in 23dB or 29dB attenuation.


The SoundEar range combines 31dB of hearing protection with crystal clear audio via built in earphone speakers. Available in a wired or bluetooth setup. The highest attenuating CE approved custom earphones for motorcyclists available.

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The Leaders in Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

Ultimate Ear Protection was established in 2001 to specifically provide hearing protection for motorcyclists. Since then we have become the hearing protection of choice for the likes of the California Superbike School, Advanced Motorcycling Groups as well as several British Superbike racers.

Built on years of feedback from prominent motorcyclist figures and as motorcyclists ourselves, Ultimate have developed a range of hearing protection designed to be as practical and functional for motorcycle riding whilst ensuring your ears are kept safe from hearing damage.

Our products are made from super soft silicone and possess a slim profile ensuring that they never fall out when your helmet is taken on and off. All of our hearing protection range are CE certified so you can rest assured you are adequately protecting your hearing whilst riding with our earplugs in.

Motorcyclist wearing custom bluetooth earplugs with speakers in

"I didn't realise just how comfortable they would be"

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