Industrial Ear Protection

Why Choose Our Custom Industrial Hearing Protection?

Previous studies have shown that one half of workers that wear generic hearing protection receive less than half of the protection they should. This is because their ear protection devices are not worn correctly or continuously due to improper or uncomfortable fit. To efficiently conform to health and safety guidelines, ear plugs that are comfortable, fit every time and that are easy to use are a necessity.

Our custom made hearing protection is used globally by health and safety conscious blue chip companies through to smaller independent businesses. As  testament to our ingenuity, we’ve even designed specific industrial hearing protection to be detectable, a necessity in the food and beverage industry.

Effective factory communication is the lifeblood of successfully running a factory. It connects employees, fosters team building, facilitates change and drives business results in any situation. No matter how you look at it, communication is an integral part of a company’s landscape and cannot be taken for granted.

This is why Ultimate design and manufacture custom hearing protection that works in conjunction with radio and telephone communications. Furthermore, we offer a range of custom earplugs with varying levels of attenuation tailored to your work noise levels and environment, ensuring your employees are not over or under protected and can still communicate effectively with colleagues.


Noise Regulation & Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is important. Ultimate manufacture and supply custom made hearing protection to help organisations ensure the products they supply conform to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.  As of April 6th 2006 it became law for employers to supply hearing protection if staff are exposed to 85dB or more of noise (daily or weekly average exposure). This is the equivalent of standing on a busy residential road. All hearing protection must be fully certified to ensure employees do not suffer loss to their hearing and/or develop tinnitus (permanent ringing in the ears). Legally, as an employer, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or at least reduce risks from exposure to noise in order to protect the hearing of your employees.


Benefits of Our Industrial Custom Made Earplugs

  • Our products are the softest on the market. They can be worn for long periods without any discomfort due to the softness of the medical grade silicone we use and the attention to detail applied in our impression taking and manufacturing processes.
  • They defend against hazardous noises, but still allow the wearer to hear conversation and warning signals.
  • Can be fitted with filters to provide varying levels of protection tailored to the noise levels within your specific industrial situation/environment.
  • Will not degrade and will provide years of use (most users replace after five years).
  • Are manufactured from our unique ‘squidgy’ material, a medical grade silicone which is easy to clean.
  • Can be combined with radio and telecommunications technologies for numerous communications and entertainment applications.
  • Our custom earplugs can be supplied using our revolutionary detection system – an absolute necessity in the in the food and beverage industry.
  • Are available to purchase through our unique interest free payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your investment.
  • All of our hearing protection products at Ultimate are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK by ourselves. These products have been independently tested in the UK for compliance to EN 352-2 Category III (latest standard April 2019) and carry full CE certification. Ultimate Ear Protection is an ISO accredited company.
  • A cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to hearing protection (see below)


As well as being extremely comfortable for users, Ultimate’s custom made hearing protection is extremely cost effective in comparison to generic/disposable hearing protection. Our custom made products are replaced at five years (this is when adult ears can start to change shape). Over a five year period, one factory worker who works 240 days a year and uses 2 sets of disposable earplugs a day will use 2400 sets of disposable earplugs. With the average pair of disposable earplugs costing around 10p, our custom hearing protection offer a significant cost saving over a 5 year period. 

Furthermore, Ultimate’s earplugs are reusable and come packaged in a high quality, durable pouch whereas disposable earplugs often come packaged in plastic packaging. If 100 workers each used 2400 sets of disposable earplugs in a five year period, this equates to around 50kg of non-recyclable waste. 


How the Process Works? 

The process is straightforward. Ultimate will arrange dates with you to visit your site to take the ear impressions of your employees. We can attend your site at any time of day, 24/7 in order to ensure we capture your workers ear impressions. We will then use these impressions to manufacture bespoke hearing protection for your employees, the typical lead time for manufacturing is 14 days from the date of the site visit.

Ultimate maintain the initial impressions and store them digitally or physically safely at our manufacturing headquarters in Kent. This ensures we can quickly re -manufacture a new set (or one) if your employee does lose or damage their custom made earplugs by Ultimate, ensuring your employees are never without custom hearing protection for too long. 

All of our products come equipped with a cleaning tool, pouch, wipes and lubricants to ensure they are easily kept in a clean condition and can be fitted correctly at all times.

Ultimate are committed to keeping all of our clients satisfied in the long run. Our extensive UK client base ensures we are regularly able to visit all of our customers to take the impressions of any new workers you may have, or to simply pop in and discuss any changes in your requirements or noise levels.

If you are unsure of the noise levels in your work environment, Ultimate are also able to carry out noise surveys. 


Our Clients

Great Service!

Really appreciate the great service we received on your two visits. Process is very easy and turnaround is a huge improvement on what I was used to. Looking forward to the relationship going forward!

Richard Knowles / Healthy, Safety, Environment & Training Coordinator / Unipress

Quality Product & After Sales Support!

I have been dealing with Ultimate Ear Protection for over a year and they have supplied almost 300 bespoke sets of the moulded ear plugs (AttenuatEar 29) for our employees. I have had only positive comments from the people wearing the ear plugs and I have found Ultimate to be a professional business which supplies a quality product and after sales support.

Health Advisor / Walker Snack Foods

Great Fit, Comfortable & Much Better Clarity!

Great fit, comfortable and much better clarity than the generic protection I was using previously. Not only am I really pleased with the product, but the customer service was on point throughout the whole process. Speedy service from start to finish. 

Tommy Bates / Extract Coffee Roasters