A Covid-19 vaccine is finally on the way – hooray! It has been a difficult year since coronavirus entered our world, turning our lives upside down. Overnight, our lives became more restricted than ever, dictating who we could see, how we could socialise and even how we go about doing our jobs. For millions of office workers up and down the country, our commutes suddenly stopped. Instead of taking the train or bus to a communal office, we woke up in our office.

The adjustment came easier to some than to others, but slowly, we all managed to find a new flow of working – the ‘new normal’. News of a vaccine has been received with cheers and celebrations, bringing hope that this awful pandemic will finally come to an end. But for those of us working from home, it’s still going to take a while for our daily working lives to return to what they were like before Covid.

Even then, it’s likely most people will choose to work from home for a few days a week – and why wouldn’t we? Working from home means less money spent on train tickets and expensive lunches, plus an extra hour in bed!However, there are also some disadvantages to working from home.That neighbour who’s decided to put an extension on the back of the house? Their builders blare out the same songs on the radio every day. And remember the load of laundry you put on this morning? It’s whirring around in the washing machine behind you while you’re trying to focus on that piece of work due in this afternoon.

Working from home has plenty of benefits, but there’s also plenty of unwanted noise to distract you. So if you need to zone into a long-winded piece of work, you might need some extra help to concentrate. And that means blocking out distracting and unwanted noise.

Ultimate Ear’s filtered earplugs could be just the right solution. While you want to block out unwanted noise, you still need to stay alert to hear the phone or doorbell. If you have kids in the house, the need is even greater. Luckily, our filtered plugs contact a filter designed to block out unwanted loud noises but still allow you to hear and communicate with people around you – for example, when the kids are pestering you for a snack…

Our plugs are custom fit to your ears and are made of silicone for maximum comfort, so you can pop them in and get on with your day. Just fit and forget. Even when a coronavirus vaccine arrives and we’re on our way back to unlocking society, working from home will be a feature in all our lives. A decent, comfy pair of filtered plugs will enhance your ability to work from home free from distractions. So why not make the investment now?